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"Jennifer, our VISTA Development Associate, has been working to bring awareness about our clinic throughout the community.  In December, she helped write stories for our year-end community newsletter. The newsletter helped bring awareness to our supporters about how their donations benefit our patients. The newsletter was sent out with Christmas cards to nearly 1,000 families and resulted in approximately $20,000 in donations being sent to our clinic during the holidays."

"Kate, our development VISTA is helping us with donor relationships and communication efforts. Specifically, she has been helping with "Dancing For the Health of It!", one of our main fundraisers. Kate has helped send sponsorship solicitations to all the new businesses in town. She also recruited a new "pro" dancer and in-kind sponsor to help with the event. Health For All relies on the funding from this event to help provide care for patients all year. With more visibility and donations, we can help more people access the healthcare they need! "

"Our VISTA, Amia, has been putting together a Career Development Program (CDP) for the employees of Christ Clinic. One piece of this CDP that Amia has been focusing on is a mentoring program. Amia will recruit Board members and skilled volunteers of the community to volunteer their time to mentor staff members. These mentoring programs will make room for deeper engagement and support of Christ Clinic and contribute to the development of a better-trained and engaged workforce. Overall, we hope this will further increase capacity by creating a learning culture, increasing job satisfaction and developing new skills and competencies, allowing room for improved patient care and resulting in reduced turnover."

"Sandra, our VISTA member, takes the lead on.  Having participated in this SECC last year, Sandra had a better understanding of the process and has been working hard to enhance and prepare for a successful campaign.  This year, Sandra also implemented new processes to raise more funding by proactively reaching out to all previous SECC donors and thanking them again for their gifts. She also reached out to all the Ambassadors of the SECC fairs VHC attended last year to thank them for their invitation and let them know that we would love to come back out again this year.  In addition to attending all the trainings associated with this SECC initiative, Sandra also updated VHC’s promotional materials to be handed out at the fairs as well as giving our VHC information board a complete makeover."  

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